Enough is enough.

I have sat back and observed for too long without opening my mouth. How dare somebody think they have any right to belittle somebody or try to intimidate them be it on the Internet or elsewhere.

What has happened to our society when it is deemed acceptable to be abusive to strangers without a second thought they have a life and feelings too?

In this planet we all habitat call earth, it’s impossible for everyone to agree. We all have our own beliefs, opinions and personalities. If we were the same what a boring existence that would be. However, one thing we do have in common is that we’re all human beings (unless you’re an animal reading this in which case that’s a whole different story, amazing)!

So, correct me if I’m wrong but therefore we all have a heart that beats and a body that feels. Some of us are stronger than others, bigger, smaller, happier or sadder. Maybe with different languages or skin colour. However all this is irrelevant when it comes to how we treat each other. We’re all equal. Regardless of money, looks, football teams and the rest we all breathe, feel and live on the same planet.

Why is it that some take it upon themselves to be nasty towards another? All the things they can use the internet or social media for and yet they use it to be nasty. How very sad indeed.

I’m taking this opportunity to say stop! And think. Before you type them words, ask yourself would you say that in person? Would you continue with the vile words if you thought about how you could make the recipient feel? Seriously?

Also to anyone who has felt bullied or victimised on the Internet please take a look around you and see the bigger picture. No matter what somebody says to you, they can’t take away your happiness. Never ever let anyone stop you from being true to yourself. This is your life. Live it your way. And remember this is their problem. Not yours. If you feel threatened talk to somebody or report it. But remember the vast majority are just looking for a reaction and you are beautiful regardless!

However, this does not, in any way, make it acceptable. If you find yourself saying these nasty things look closer to home and get the help you need before taking it out on strangers when you have no idea what impact it will have on them. Nobody’s perfect. We all make mistakes. But it’s never too late to be the person you dreamed you’d be. Let it go and respect others as well as yourself.

Above all, remember that whether behind a keyboard or face to face, you should still take responsibility for your words. To all my twitter followers I respect your opinions and I hope you respect mine. So many things in this world need to be bought. Respect and manners cost nothing. So let’s show how the world could be a better place if we only learnt to notice differences, but embrace them, rather than attacking each other for it.

I love football. I love talking to Manchester United fans all around the world and their different take on this club we all love. Isn’t that a wonderful thing? We have this ability to interact with pretty much anyone any day so we should be making the most out of it.

Let’s debate. Go on then, let’s have a bit of banter. The odd joke at each others expense. Maybe even the occasional naughty meme if necessary. But let’s know when to stop. If you wouldn’t talk to your mother or friend like that, don’t do it online.

Let’s agree to disagree.



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